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Dog Walk Pics

I was up until 7 last night, finishing some work, so I apologize if I make any silly mistakes today. First, a call-out to The Hugger, a.k.a. mailechan, who sent me some wild violet jelly (in honor of my online lit mag) by way of The Gryphon. Delicious and so thoughtful! She's really the sweetest person.

On my last day in Central Pennsylvania, I had breakfast with Dad and, once he was off at church, took my dog, Una, for one last walk. Once more, I took my camera with me and photographed things along the way. Here are a few.

River from park (Click to enlarge)

The river, taken from a small community park

Potted plant (Click to enlarge)

An exotic-looking potted plant

Bored gargoyle (Click to enlarge)

Even gargoyles get bored sometimes.

Forgotten flag (Click to enlarge)

A forgotten flag, with touches of spring

Where the sidewalk ends (Click to enlarge)

Where the sidewalk ends

Green fountain (Click to enlarge)

Time to clean the fountain

Hanging planter (Click to enlarge)

Bright splash of color against an old wall

Beauty is everywhere.

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Tags: dad, food, gryphon, hugger, photos, wild violet

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