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Photos from ComedyChick's Trip

This morning, I posted about the challenges of getting fit post-pregnancy on my fitness blog.

And now, only about a month after I actually took them, here are the photos from comedychick's visit to Philly.

Somber Dancers
A dance group marked the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by walking across Philadelphia
wearing white from head to toe and carrying white umbrellas.
We saw them while waiting at our meet-up spot.

Me and KFP at the Liberty Bell
Me and my Kung Fu Panda at the Liberty Bell.
He was not a fan of the huge line to get in.
I had to had the others hold my space and walk him around.

Ready to Travel
KFP chills out in his stroller, once we managed to convince him to ride in it.

Gun Collection
comedychick checks out the armaments display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
I wasn't sure about the photo policy inside the museum,
even though I saw a lot of cameras, so this is the only one I took.

Art Museum Fountain
This fountain is at the top of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
The last time I passed this fountain, it was not working due to a drought.

Art Museum
One of the wings of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Group Shot
Me, KFP, comedychick, and teamjessie and her husband on the steps of the Art Museum.

Family with Skyline
Me, KFP, and The Gryphon overlooking the skyline at the top of the steps of the Art Museum.

Rocky Statue
comedychick and teamjessie's husband with the famous Rocky statue
in front of the Art Museum.

Red Hat Baby
KFP loved comedychick's red hat and wanted to keep trying it on.
This was taken at the end of the day as we rode the Philly Phlash back to our cars.

Babies can enjoy the art museum but won't like the line for the Liberty Bell.

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