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NaNoWriMo Progress, Week 2

I'm continuing to dictate my NaNoWriMo novel, "Within Arm's Reach," into a voice recorder. Despite my vows to increase the output this week, it was nearly identical to week one.

One of the things that would probably help me would be if I cut down on other time-wasters, such as playing Farmville. Every minute I spent harvesting my virtual crops, I could be either fixing the transcription files from Dragon Naturally Speaking or writing new portions.

Another thing I should be doing: staying up after work for a short while to transcribe and edit the day's files. That way I wouldn't have another weekend like this one, where I just now completed the files from the week. Rather than spending a productive weekend writing, I was just playing catch-up.

I am mentally exhausted right now but hope to manage at least another 1,000 words tonight. Far less than I needed to write this weekend in order to make my goal, I know. Next weekend will be even more difficult, since it's Philcon weekend. Right now, I don't even have my schedule yet, so I don't know what to expect. I'm not sure how I'll get any writing done that weekend, to be honest.

It's theoretically possible to pull out the stops and catch up. Can I do it? I don't know, but I'm determined to try.

9840 / 50000 words. 20% done!
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