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Panda Corner: First Haircut!

It was long overdue, and while I'm sure our gorgeous boy will still be called "she" by many confused folks, his beautiful golden curls are now a bit tamer.

Time for a Cut
Our Kung Fu Panda waits his turn for a haircut.
You can see how long his bangs were, getting in his eyes.

Before: The Back
The back of KFP's hair before the haircut.
It was getting very long and unkempt.

Before: From the Side
KFP's hair from the side, before the cut.
His hair was a little flat on top from wearing a hat.

In the Chair
We took KFP to a children's barber shop that had special chairs.
He rode in a plane and "flew" it while
watching a classic Christmas special on the flat-screen TV.

Getting a Hair Cut
In the chair, getting his haircut.
He was surprisingly calm.

After: From the Front
A picture showing his hair afterward. You can see that,
while he still has curls, it's shaped up.

After: Side View
His hair from the side after the cut.
I do love those curls.

After: At Home
His hair, completely dry, at home that night. Handsome little guy!

It's possible to get a first hair cut and save the curls.

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