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Writer's Block: Happy New Year!

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

I have several overarching goals, which I'll try to make as specific as possible:

1. Lose an average of 1 pound a week throughout the year (which would put be a little below where I was when I got pregnant).

2. At least once a week, pursue a writing-related opportunity (whether it is a freelance job or sending a manuscript to a publisher or submitting work to a literary magazine, etc.)

3. Organize the office/nursery.

4. At least once a week, actively check in on my friends via social networking sites, such as LJ, Facebook, and Twitter.

5. Put out at least 3 issues of Wild Violet and publish the 10th anniversary book (this spring).

I think that's a good start. It should go without stating that my overall goal is to continue to assure the health, happiness and development of my gorgeous, smart, social son (I accidentally typed "sun" -- hee-hee).
Tags: health & fitness, organization, resolutions, wild violet, writer's block, writing

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