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Panda Corner: KFP-TV

Time once again for what I call "KFP-TV," where I share the videos of my little Kung Fu Panda, taken over the last few months. It takes me this long because it's a time-consuming process to back up and convert the high-definition MTS files that my Sony Everio videocamera produces (although a few of these were taken using the "video" option on my Canon Powershot and one was taken with my HTC Android Inspire. Hopefully, a new video conversion/editing program we're thinking of purchasing might make the process easier, and I could share videos more frequently.

First up is a video that, I think, could well become a viral video if only people discover it. My son, at age 15 months, surprised us all at my sister's baby shower by kicking his toy soccer ball around as if he'd been practicing for years. Go, KFP!

In the next clip, he's dressed as a caveman for Halloween, carrying around a fake plastic bone while people in the background talk about zombies.

He and another toddler were the talk of Philcon when they took over the dance floor for the S.J. Tucker concert, whirling around, giggling, and clapping their hands. Here's just a taste.

KFP chose Philcon to take another developmental step: learning how to go down steps safely.

Shortly afterward, I took him to a local playground, and he wanted to try the slide for the first time. After he got comfortable with it, I took out my phone and got some video.

When we visited my family for Thanksgiving, we went for a walk and met some very friendly ducks (who expected to be fed, although we hadn't given them anything).

Over Thanksgiving, we walked across the street to the local Moose Lodge, which has an annual model train exhibit, designed to look like my hometown, and taking up an entire room. KFP, naturally, loved it. Here are two videos from our visit.

Always helpful, KFP helped his daddy get ready to go out by getting him his shoes. For some, this might be the first time you hear The Gryphon speak. I've always thought he sounds a little like John Malkovich.

In early December, KFP got his hair cut for the first time and was remarkably calm about it. He sat in the plane-shaped chair and "steered" the plane while he got a trim.

At Christmastime, he had a lot of fun helping me to trim the tree. We hung most of the ornaments together.

On Christmas morning, he was awed by all the presents.

He got a lot of great gifts and had fun playing with them.

One of his favorite new toys was a wooden tractor, along with some wooden trucks.

And finally, KFP showed that he was ready to play a real instrument when he showed off his skills with drum sticks on his new drum.

Hope you enjoyed the videos! Feel free to share them.

High-definition video may look great, but it's a bother to process.

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