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Smrt Kitteh Needz Gud Home

For several years now, my mom has been caring for some stray cats that wandered into her backyard after a neighbor moved out, leaving a litter behind. She has been doing more than feeding for these cats; she has also given them medical attention.

She has simply reached her limit, and she's looking to adopt out some of the friendlier cats. I've offered to post their pictures, with a little description of each one, in hopes that someone who reads this can give them a home. If you know anyone who might be interested, please let me know.

Melvin relaxing (Click to enlarge)    Melvin standing (Click to enlarge)

Name: Melvin
Age: 3 years
Neutered with all shots

Melvin is smart and friendly with a dominant personality. He gets along very well with his litter mates, such as Mickey, whose picture will be posted tomorrow. And he's got black lips! A Goth kitteh!

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