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Panda Corner: Verbal Leaps and Bounds

Because I'm terrible about keeping up with my Kung Fu Panda's baby book, I thought I'd make note of some recent achievements, so I remember when they happened.

Yesterday, on the phone, he told his grandma, "I love you" in response to her saying the same to him. I told her that he hasn't even said that to me or his daddy, The Gryphon, yet. My mom was thrilled.

He's constantly amazing me by making connections and saying things. Yesterday, while we were walking upstairs together for a diaper change (he can walk up and crawl down the steps with supervision), I told him we had seven steps left. I counted, "One..." And then he said, "Two." I was so thrilled that I praised him profusely. But he wouldn't count any of the rest of the numbers, just kept saying "Two" again and again.

Small steps, right?
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