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Quiet Aspen

"American Idol" auditions went to Aspen, Colorado, for the first time, a beautiful, if chilly, place. An opening montage showed the judges enjoying the beauty.

1) Jenni Schick, 24, Sterling Virginia, sang "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benetar. By contrast to the quiet setting, this elementary school music teacher was very vocal and animated. She showed up in a black tank top with a mini-skirt decorated with a black-and-white, pink and blue cubist cityscape, along with black go-go boots. She had a lot of energy, even if her singing wasn't otherwise impressive. Jennifer Lopez liked her energy, and Randy Jackson told her that she could kiss Steven Tyler (since she'd announced that he's on her list of guys she's allowed to kiss and not have her husband consider it cheating). They put her through to Hollywood, and she kissed Steven.

2) Curtis Grey, 28, Spring Hill, Florida, sang "It's So Hard to Say Good-bye to Yesterday" by Boyz II Men. He's in a five-piece band and wore a black T-shirt with jeans. His singing was soulful, if a little slow (to the point of being boring). Randy said definitely yes, and the other two agreed, with Steven calling him a "major talent." They also liked his character (though very little was shown in this edit.

Then, another montage, of three golden ticket recipients: deep-voiced country guy, Richie Law, 19, Centennial, Colorado; Devan Jones, 26, Aurora, California, singing high; and Mathenne Treco, 25, Centennial, Colorado, who had a pretty good range as he sang "Hey Jude."

3) Tealana Hedgespeth, 19, Loveland, Colorado, sang "Give Me Some Water" by Melissa Etheridge. She wore black horn-rim glasses and a nose ring along with a yellow jumpsuit with black details. She has spent her life in her twin sister's shadow, who also sings. She'd written, "I believe in myself" on her palm, although she almost seemed to be psyching herself out because she thinks her sister's more talented. She kind of sing-talked the vocals, and the judges started laughing during it. Randy told her, "You're funny." Steven asked her if she'd ever recorded her voice and listened back. "You've got to do that, because then you'll hear what we're hearing." Jennifer called her adorable but said no, as did Randy.

4) Haley Smith, 18, Orem, Utah, sang "Tell Me Something Good" by Chaka Khan. Haley lives in a log cabin "in the middle of nowhere" and loves the outdoors. She's a vegetarian (though she works as a meat packer) and a real earth child, showing up in a red jacket over a blue, red and gold paisley shirt with a leather pouch around her neck. Her voice has a lot of flavor to it, and she really seemed to be feeling the song. Randy said she was doing it a flower child sort of way. Steven said, "I love your voice so much. You're right out of my era." Jennifer guessed she's even more comfortable when she has a guitar. Haley agreed. Three yeses.

5) Alanna Snare, 22, Fort Collins, Colorado, sang "Jolene" by Dolly Parton. She's a bartender, where she serves Rocky Mountain Oysters a lot (many jokes ensued). She wore faded jeans and a black and white top with attached white sleeves. Her singing was rather tuneless, and the producers edited in a lowing cow (rude!). Three nos.

6) Shelby Tweten, 17, North Mankato, Minnesota, sang "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood. She wore a pink, blue, and black patterned minidress. She's bipolar and has struggled with depression, as well. "American Idol" helps her to keep going, she says. Her vocals were decent, but she's no Carrie Underwood. Three yeses.

7) Jairon Jackson, 19, Denver, Colorado, sang an original song, "So Hard." He just wore a white T-shirt and jeans. The song was probably better than his execution of it. Jennifer told him, "You're a lover." Randy told him, "You're ready for the charts." And of course, Steven found it beautiful. Three yeses.

8) Angie Zeiderman, 25, Delray Beach, Florida, sang "When You've Got It Flaunt It"/"Blue Bayou." She claims se's been mistaken for Lady Gaga walking down the street, although she has brunette hair, glasses and a lip ring. She wore a black tank minidress with purple and yellow flowers. Her chosen song was a very stylized song, and she fell to the ground to crawl around. Very cabaret, indeed. Randy said that show tunes definitely turn him off. But Jennifer loved it, and after she sang "Blue Bayou," Randy changed his mind. They all put her through.

9) Magic Cyclops, Davenport, Iowa, sang "Cracklin' Rose" by Neil Diamond and "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett. Wearing a red headband that says "Magic," with an American flag T-shirt and jeggings, he spoke with a forced British accent, claiming that he'd grown up watching mostly British shows on PBS. Even for a joke contestant, his weak. His singing wasn't great but wasn't bad enough to be truly funny. I got the feeling he was trying out a character that he's hoping will get famous and can be parlayed into other opportunities. The judges just walked out on him, and he left confused and disappointed. Hmm. Sounds familiar.

Thirty one singers advanced to Hollywood.

Sorry about the late posting. I was feeling pretty blah today.

Beautiful nature doesn't make for beautiful singing.

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