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Tardy to the Party

Sorry for the extremely late recap. This is from Thursday's "American Idol" episode. I'm just throwing up my notes, since I don't have time to look for videos. I should have a quicker return for this week's shows.

For the second phase of Hollywood Week, Season 11 "American Idol" hopefuls endured the Group Round, which is notorious for its drama.

First, the cliffhanger from the previous night was resolved: Symone Black, who had passed out at the tail end of her audition and fallen off the stage, was attended by medics and ushered out of the auditorium, apparently OK. Then, the results for the batch she'd been in, including Ethan Jones, son of a rocker father who's gone through rehab (the father, not Ethan). It turns out that Jeremy Rosado moved on, while Lauren Gray and Ethan went home.

As Group Round began, some contestants were having difficulty finding group partners, including the girl who'd been living in the woods, Amy Brumfield (and was currently sick). Alisha Bernhardt, a cop who was looking for a partner, finally managed to convince one guy. Another contestant (wearing a cowboy hat) had the same problem. Heejun Han needed someone from day two, so they asked him to join.

Amy Brumfield, meanwhile, was ailing on a chair and finally joined Alisha, who wanted to do "Joy to the World."

Meanwhile, some groups had already moved on to rehearsal space and were running through their numbers.

In Alisha and Amy's group, there was a disagreement about what song to do, with not everybody on board about "Joy to the World." Alisha left them because she was so determined to sing that song.

While Alisha still sought a group (finally finding people not intimidated by her), other groups worked. Rielle ???, who made it through groups last year, took a lead with her group. Her mom, who said she didn't want to be a stage mom, was nevertheless critical of some of her group mates.

Symone and her father returned to the auditions, and they told her she needed to find a group. When a group of women allowed her in, her dad gave them a grateful hug.

Some groups were melding really well, including Amy Brumfield's group. But Amy was still feeling out of it. Her group partners swore they wouldn't get sick, but a number of other contestants also seemed to have the same thing.

In Heejun's group, there was tension, with the cowboy dude trying to force everyone into his way of doing things, including his strange dance moves.

Some groups opted to stay up all night to rehearse, although others couldn't take it and dissolved into tears. Amy said she'd push through, although others were getting sick all around her.

Next week, the Group Round performances.

It's easy to get distracted when Hollywood week is weak.

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