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Article: TV and Toddlers

Fast turnaround on this one! I just wrote it this afternoon:

A Mom's Guide to Toddlers and TV

In it, I talk about why I believe it's perfectly fine to let my toddler watch TV, as long as I also engage in positive parenting practices. See if you agree.


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Feb. 16th, 2012 01:42 pm (UTC)
What? Candy isn't a food group...;D

No, seriously, I am also in the "I let my kid watch TV" camp too. And, like you, I tend to confine it to educational TV, I interact with Ian when his favorite shows are on...it has worked with us.

One thing I've done with Ian is that I keep the closed captions on all the time...I started the habit when he was an infant and I was stuck on the couch nursing 24-7. I'd watch TV with the sound turned all the way down so he wouldn't wake up. Later I read that having the captions turned on like that can help with reading development. At 5, Ian can read 2 and 3 syllable words and constantly amazes me, and he won't start Kindergarten until this coming Fall.

I could work on the sedentary part a bit better than I do, but aside from that it sounds like we have very similar parenting styles. :D

(((HUGS))) to you and KFP too! :D
Feb. 16th, 2012 02:03 pm (UTC)
Maybe I'll start using the captions, too. I stick to commercial-free educational carttons for now. It's shocking how violent the classic cartoons are! I got so used to PBS Kids that when I saw some Daddy Duck cartoons at friend's house, and KFP was present, I almost asked to turn it off! If I watch my own shows around I'm, I confine it to sit-coms and reality competition shows. Everything else I DVR and watch after hours.
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