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BLITEOTW - Found Basement Note

Few of us are fond of Friday the 13th, which is often regarded — unjustifiably, in my experience — as an unlucky date. However, according to something I found this morning, somebody really is having a bad day in my neighborhood.

While walking Una, I found a note on a Post-It decorated with a pixie and flowers. It reads:

   (L + I Secure
        that Door)            10:45 am
            J___ S___
           A MAN was in
                the basement.
             Lock the basement Door. D____

A MAN WAS IN THE BASEMENT (Click to enlarge)

Wow! Imagine finding somebody in your basement. I've had nightmares about people coming in through unlocked doors, or not being able to lock them. Of course, if I was going to leave this sort of note for someone, I don't know if I'd put it on pixie stationery, but that's just me.

Excuse me while I go downstairs and check my doors!

So, what does BLITEOTW mean?

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