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BLITEOTW - Found Cell Phone Note

Our doors were all locked, of course. The neighbor's dog has been barking furiously all morning. Some other dogs are, too. Strange. Anyway, here's another note I found this morning, walking Una.

Next was another note, on a torn piece of notebook paper. It reads: "I left my cell phone. You wouldn't come to the door. I'll call when I get to work."

I left my cell phone (Click to enlarge)

That must be no fun, being stuck without any communication all day. Don't know where they left this note, actually. I found it fluttering around in the breeze. I noticed an open door nearby, which was strange. In fact, the neighborhood was unusually quiet.

The Gryphon left to meet with a recruiter to talk about securing more contract work. I'll ask him if he notices anything while he's out.

So, what does BLITEOTW mean?

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