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Confronting the Ghosts

I had an interesting dream last night, which I think was based both on having written this week's LJ Idol piece and also having seen "The Cabin in the Woods" last night.

Rather than running away from the ghosts, this time I took them on. In this case, they were two vampiric ghosts who looked like young women. One was blonde and dressed like a cheerleader, while the other one was shorter than me, with long, mousy brown hair and a strange obsession with my son. She claimed she wanted to be nice to him, but I was afraid she would kidnap him or worse. I somehow knew she had hurt other children.

I encountered these spirits in a red New England-style hotel, which contained a bed right inside the door (which I felt was a strange, unsafe place to have it), and a "nursery" for my son in a turret that, despite having numerous stuffed animals on the shelves, skeeved me out so much I decided not to put him there. I noticed, among other things, there were glow-in-the-dark skulls on the shelf. Somehow, I knew that if I left him there, he would end up possessed and levitating. The ghostly hotelkeeper had attempted to make me feel at home by putting small pictures on the shelf of my brother and of one of my oldest friends. I wasn't fooled.

It turned out that I was actually expected to share a room with these two vampiric women, but they soon came after me while I was doing laundry, trying to grab me and my son. After having an actual fight with these beings, including pushing one of them down the stairs and kicking one to prevent it from biting me, there was a telephone call on the wall phone. It was God. He gave them a stern talking to and reminded them that they were not to harm me. The cheerleader made an appointment to meet God the next day to discuss it, and the mousy girl hid under the bed, very upset and chastened.

At that point, I suddenly realized that I had come to this place for a reason. I told these girls that I wanted their help to track down a guy who had hurt a friend of mine. He was young, like them, and I thought he might also be a vampire/ghost. Then, a male friend of the girls, who might have been a mortal human, played a song for me on his iPod, which I listened to on headphones. It was a beautiful, catchy song, and I wish I could remember it. He said it was written by George Washington.

I woke up, and my son was crying. Confused, I thought he was upset about the vampires, but he only wanted a bottle.

Confronting your fears gives them less power, especially when God is on your side.

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