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BLITEOTW - Darn Ice Cream Truck

I'm really busy tonight, what with everything that's going on, so I only have a few minutes for an update.

The car alarms kept going off this afternoon, so I couldn't take my usual nap. I woke up out of an uneasy sleep, feeling like the living dead.

I thought it was weird when the ice-cream truck that frequents our street stopped in front of our house for an extremely long time. But then I realized that the driver was slumped over in front of the steering wheel. I went out front to see if I could be of assistance, and his face was all gray. He was suffering from a terrible bite mark of some kind on his hand, and he was still bleeding all over the steering wheel.

Realizing he was dead, I tried to figure out how to at least turn off the ice-cream truck music, but I couldn't. That's when I noticed a number of my neighbors, drawing closer to the truck. At first I thought they wanted ice cream, but then I noticed there was something odd about them. They were shuffling towards me, drooling on themselves and moaning. One of them tried to grab me, but I pulled away and ran inside.

I called 911, but all circuits were busy. Even though I kept hitting redial, I couldn't get through. Finally, I gave up and just turned up the TV, tried to get some work done.

That's when Una started barking her head off. I peered out the second floor window and saw those same creeps who'd tried to grab me earlier. They were sort of scratching and pounding at the front door. I yelled at The Gryphon to come upstairs, and he took a look.

He sighed heavily and muttered, under his breath, "I'd hoped it would never come to this." Then he told me there was something I had to read. He handed me a book by Max Brooks that explained it all.

I called my boss and told him I wouldn't be able to finish my assignments tonight, and for the past hour we've been barricading ourselves upstairs, after first carting up necessary supplies and then blockading the first-floor windows. The Gryphon's keeping an eye on our gray-faced, moaning -- OK, I'll say it, UNDEAD -- neighbors through the upper window. He says that as long they don't breach the house we should be OK.

So, what does BLITEOTW mean?

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