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BLITEOTW - Going Dark

I only have a short time to post this. We're losing power.

I've been reading the helpful posts from cousin_sue, who says that salt is effective against these assailants. Our former neighbors were still outside, so The Gryphon moved a chest of drawers aside from the top of the steps and made a daring risk to the front porch to grab the rock salt. Fortunately, while they seemed to sense he was there, they didn't manage to break through the outside porch door.

We've been dropping salt out the second-floor window on any of them who come close, being careful not to look in their strange eyes.

The power just went out. My computer is operating on UPC power. It's beeping. It will be gone soon. We'll resort to candles, to try to stay in the light, as cousin_sue advised.

Damn. I think I just heard some glass break downst

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