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Panda Corner: Two Recent Videos

My little Kung Fu Panda is currently crawling on the couch next to me saying, "Crash!" (His new favorite saying, thanks to a book we took out of the library called "Smash! Crash!" by David Shannon, Loren Long and David Gordon.) We are also watching "Mythbusters," which he loves but only for the explode-y parts.

Here's a couple recent videos of him I just had to share.

When KFP got bored during yesterday's Otakon meeting,
we took a walk and found a piano.
Sorry about the super-close shot and shakiness, but he
was sitting on my lap and I had to hold the camera out sideways.

This morning, KFP built himself a very tall tower
with Duplo blocks, which towered above him
from where it stood on the coffee table.

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