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LJ Idol Season 8 - Week 32: In a Panda's Eyes

This is my entry this week for therealljidol. I invite you to read and vote for the many fine entries. This week we have an open topic, meaning we can write about anything.

Hi. My mommy calls me Kung Fu Panda, but you can call me Panda. She forgets sometimes, but I am not a baby. I am 2. My mommy is busy, because my aunt is visiting. I can't write, but I can say a lot of words, and I know my ABCs. Cats can't write either, or speak, and they have been writing entries for a long time, so my mommy tells me I can do her entry for her.

My aunt brought her baby and that is probably why mommy is busy, because babies can't do anything and they need to be held. They cry a lot. Except Mommy says this baby is very happy, and so she doesn't cry as much as some babies. She is also very strong and pulls my hair, which hurts.

When they got here yesterday, I was watching my truck video, so I pointed to the screen and said, "Look, Anna, bulldozers." I call her Anna because that's easier to say than her very long name. As she looked at the trucks, I could see she was amazed. She has very big eyes and they are blue like mommy and my aunt. She is cute. Babies are cute. Baby frogs are cute, too. I have one in a book if you want to see it.

The only thing I don't like about her, besides the hair pulling, is that sometimes she tries to eat my toys. You are supposed to read books, not eat them.

Little Niece Eats Toy
Anna chews on a toy shaped like the sun. She puts everything in her mouth.

My aunt gave me a bag of birthday gifts. I don't know how many birthdays you get but I've had a lot of birthdays lately. Anyway they keep giving me gifts: first Mommy and Daddy, then a friend from Storytime and now my aunt. So this time I got stickers, a book and some blocks that you can stick together and make towers but also airplanes and trains.

Presents for KFP
My aunt gave me presents. Here she is, with her baby, giving them to me.

New Book
I read the book of ABCs I got. It has an alligator, which is for "A."

I really liked the train card my aunt gave me.

My aunt reads a book to Anna, who tries to eat it.

Anna is just learning how to sit up. She falls over sometimes, because babies are floppy.

Happy Baby
Anna is a very happy baby, even at the table. I don't like the table.

Anna is very messy when she eats. I am not messy at all, but lately I don't eat very much and that helps you to not to be messy.

When we went to sleep last night, there were people outside making loud noises. My mommy said they were firecrackers. It's close to July 4, which is a time when you explode things. It woke me up, and I wanted Mommy. She took me downstairs to the couch, where my aunt was sleeping, to see how she and Anna were doing. Anna was in her crib, laughing. She is a very happy baby.

Today we went to the pool, but Mommy explained there were things we had to do before we got there. First we had to put on clothes. Then we had to eat. I had a handful of Cheerios. Then we had to buy some lunch and put it in a cooler, which is the red thing I like to carry around that Mommy keeps in the kitchen. Then we had to stop at the baby store for my aunt to buy something for Anna to wear. She said my uncle threw her swimsuit out because it was in a bag, and he thought it was a diaper. I don't blame him. I would throw out anything I thought was a diaper, too.

When we got back in the car, Mommy gave me an apple. I like apples, and this one was shiny. I took three bites, and it made me fall asleep. Or maybe it was the car.

I woke up when Mommy opened the door and said, "Hi, honey." I said, "Hi, Mommy." She always smiles when I say that, even though it's very easy to say.

Then we sat at a picnic table to eat food. Mommy wanted me to try some cheese, or some apple slices, or some grapes, or some banana bread, but I was too busy watching the big tractor cut the grass. Anna ate a messy lunch, very messily. And happily.

Messy Niece
She eats very messy. You can see she got the food all over her mouth, and she's still laughing!

Pushing a Stroller
I push my stroller at the pool. I'm a big boy, so I don't like to ride in it.

Pool at Neshaminy State Park
This is the pool we swam in. It is huge. Almost as big as the ocean, but without waves.

Fountains at Neshaminy State Park Pool
The pool had fountains we could run through (except Mommy said not to run).

KFP Heading to Pool
I walked very fast in my swimsuit, because I wanted to get to the pool. You can see how big I'm smiling.

After we put on our swimsuits, Mommy showed me something called a fountain, which is water that comes out of the ground. But I'd never seen water act like that, so I didn't want to get too close.

Then we walked to the pool and down the steps into the water. It was very warm, like a bath. The water was just right for walking in, although Mommy sat down. She said that since Anna is little, I should show her things, so I showed her how to splash.

Anna had to wear a hat in the pool, because she has almost no hair. What hair she does have is white and fluffy, like a baby chicken. They are called chicks, and I have one in a book I can show you if you want.

Some boys came up holding something Mommy called a noodle. She said they were using it to float and that I should watch them kicking their legs. The boys were acting funny and dancing for me. They sang, "Mr. Noodle, Mr. Noodle!" I laughed and danced. For once, Anna didn't laugh. Probably because she can't dance yet.

Then my aunt took Anna out of the pool because she was getting pink. But I'm big so I got to stay. Mommy wanted me to practice kicking and paddling, but I wanted to run around in the water, up to the place where it gets too deep and back again. Mommy followed and picked me up when I fell down.

When I was tired of the pool, I took Mommy's hand and led her back to the steps, saying, "Out." She said we should look at the fountain again. After circling around and around several times, Mommy told me to put my hand in the fountain. I did, and it was just water, after all.

Mommy didn't take any pictures in the pool, because she said you can't take a camera in the water.

After we changed out of our suits, we joined my aunt and Anna. She wasn't pink, but she was wearing pink. And she was asleep. And probably happy.

Sleeping Niece
Baby Anna is sleeping after our trip to the pool. She can't take much excitement.

When we got home, we all ate watermelon, which was very juicy. I wasn't going to have it, but Anna had some, so I did, too. It made her giggle, until she pooped her diaper. Then she actually cried.

Well, Mommy says that she needs to put this online so that people can read it. So I have to say good-bye. But also, I forgot to tell you that Anna has a face, just like me. With eyes and ears and a nose and mouth. And even if she pulls my hair, I like her. She makes me happy.

I touch Anna's face, and she touches mine.

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