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Open Letter to Oxygen: Not So Gleeful

Dear Oxygen Network:

You have made me decidedly less gleeful, thanks to a discovery I made today when I checked my Hulu queue. Realizing it had been more than a week since I received a notice that a new episode was available for "The Glee Project," I checked the show's page. Imagine my disappointment to learn that, due to licensing problems, new episodes of "Glee Project" would now be on a 30-day delay.

Not ready to accept defeat, I checked the official show page on the Oxygen Web site. Turns out they didn't even have the "Sexuality" episode, which has been on Hulu for a couple weeks. So apparently, it wasn't a matter of trying to direct viewers directly to the network's own site.

This means that, if I want to watch the show in a timely manner, I'm forced to record the show on my DVR. This might seem like an ideal solution, except that I'm a work-at-home mom who has transcription work with strict deadlines to handle at night. If I'm not too dead tired after work, I might be able to watch an episode on the TV. However, lately, my son has been waking up at exactly that time for a diaper change and extra hugs.

Watching my own shows during the day has proved next to impossible lately, since my son would much rather watch PBS Kids than, say, "Glee Project." So Hulu has proved a godsend: I put my headphones in and watch my own programming on my laptop while my son plays with trucks, peruses his books, or watches his favorite kiddie shows.

I'm not sure what the reasoning was for making the video difficult to watch online: whether this is an attempt to force viewers to watch the program live and therefore improve ratings. I encourage you, however, to think about the fact that many of your viewers may find themselves in similar circumstances to my own. While some will be patient and wait for the new episodes to appear online, or record it on the DVR, many will probably give up out of frustration. The net result may, indeed, be fewer viewers, not more.

Alyce Wilson, a disappointed work-at-home mom
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