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LJ Idol Week 33: Preliminary Rec List

I rarely get a chance to go through the LJ Idol entries early enough to share my favorites, but I would highly recommend reading the following from the topic "Ensemble":

beldarzfixon's turn on a Fantastic Four-style group of superheroes

halfshellvenus's humorous fiction piece about the commercialization of art

lrig_rorrim's wicked horror piece about a hellish concert

milk_and_glass's humorous essay about the pitfalls of plus-sized clothes shopping

n3m3sis42's honest and funny essay about not identifying with a group of Facebook moms

porn_this_way's highly entertaining musical send-up of LJ Idol

whipchick's introspective essay about life and love on the road

While you're at it, be sure to read my essay about post-pregnancy wardrobe troubles.

Voting ends Thursday at 8 p.m., so be sure to stop by and vote.
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