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LJ Idol Week 33: Second Half of Rec List

I have just enough time before cooking dinner to post my recommended reads from this week's second poll, on the topic "The Call That Never Came":

beldarzfixon's fictional tale; part two of the superhero saga

java_fiend's horror tale of two boys who try to conjure the dead

medleymisty's dark, convoluted tale of a man recovering from an mysterious disaster

notodette's tale of a priest who enters the ministry for the wrong reasons

yachiru's charming fairytale about a girl from a family of witches

And of course, please also read my fictional tale of a girl whose life takes a wrong turn.

Voting ends at 9 p.m. tonight, and please remember that if you particularly like a specific writer, you should vote in both polls to keep him or her safe.
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