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Book Update

I have been transcribing the interviews that I've conducted for My Wedding, My Way: Real Women, Real Weddings, Real Budgets and am really beginning to envision how the book will come together.

I'd already written an outline, but I'm now thinking of adding a chapter called "When Things Go Wrong," addressing trouble-shooting as part of wedding planning.

My goal is to complete a draft of the book by the end of the year, then put efforts into designing it and finding a publisher. At this point, I'm still planning to self-publish, simply because I can see a return more quickly. Also, many POD publishers also offer editing, designing and marketing services.

As I am doing this transcription work, I'm reminded of a few interviews I'd still like to conduct. I've already interviewed a Protestant minister and pagan officiant, about their experience and advice. I'd like to interview at least one other officiant from a different background: either an officiant from another religious faith or a secular officiant. I'd like to do this as soon as possible, in order to write up an article based on the officiants' comments, which I would send to wedding publications.

Also, I'm looking for anybody who had a strong theme at their wedding. This is open for interpretation, but I'm particularly interested in anyone who's done a comprehensive theme that encompassed dress as well as decoration.

I'm interested in talking to somebody who's planned a green wedding or who has at least introduced environtally-friendly elements into the wedding planning.

So please pass the word and tell me if you know anyone I might be able to interview. Interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, or over e-mail, at the convenience of the interview subject.

For now, I'm trying to spend some time every day working on it, and I'm starting to see a little progress. I can't wait to get to the point where I have the majority of the research done and can begin writing in earnest.

Transcribing your own interviews is an arduous process.

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