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LJ Idol Season 8 - Week 36: Trains and Stuff

This is my entry this week for therealljidol. I invite you to read and vote for the many fine entries. This week we're writing about six topics. This piece addresses the topic "Tumbler."

Alyce was very busy this weekend working in Otakon's Press Relations department, so she asked her son, Kung Fu Panda, to write her final entry.


Did you know that table edges hurt? I know this, because I'm always running into them. And also cabinets and chairs and sometimes walls. Walls don't stick out, so I don't know why I keep running into them. I think they move when I'm not looking.

Usually, when I run into something, I fall down. Falling down doesn't always hurt, but if I want extra hugs, I just say, "I fall down!" And Mommy says, "Do you want a hug?" And I get a hug. So that's how you can get extra hugs from Mommy.

Look, a truck! I'm in the car right now, because we're going home. This week, we lived in a room in a hotel, which is a place where you can stay if you want, but Daddy has to wait in line and talk to people behind a counter first, which is very boring, and you might fall down while running across the lobby, so don't run. When we lived in the hotel, we took walks to a big building where people had crayon-colored hair and where there were real robots! I tried to get Mommy and Daddy to take me there this morning, but they wouldn't go that way, even when I pulled really hard. They said we were going home, which was confusing because I thought we lived in the hotel now, but at least I got to keep the pink octopus Daddy got me yesterday in the building where the robots live.

Mommy just reminded me I'm supposed to write about something called "tumbler," which she explained can be like falling down but it can also be glasses that you drink out of. But I drink out of a cup. Glasses are something Mommy and Daddy wear on their faces, when they're not sleeping. I don't know how you drink out of them.

Cars can fall down, too. When they fall down it's called a crash. I like to crash and smash my cars, but I don't like when they break. So mostly, I just touch them together and say, "Smash! Crash!" For some reason, Mommy thinks this is cute. And then she pulls out a camera and takes pictures. I don't like it when she says "Cheese," because I'm not hungry. So now she says, "Trains."

Trains go on tracks. They have engines, and whistles, and they have cars and a caboose. Trains go through tunnels and over bridges. Some trains have faces and talk, and they have names like Thomas and Percy, but I've only seen them on TV. Mommy gave me a Thomas and Percy, and I like to play with them on the coffee table. And then sometimes they crash and fall down off the table edge. So now I'm talking about falling again, like I'm supposed to.

Falling down is not the hard part. Walking is. It's very hard to do more than one thing at a time. So if I'm running and someone makes me laugh, I fall down. If I see something exciting, I fall down. And also sometimes when the ground changes. Like there is a hard ground called "tiles" and a soft ground called "carpet." Outside, there is hard ground called "sidewalk" and bumpy ground called "lawn" covered mostly with green plants called "grass." If you fall down on the grass you only get green pants, but if you fall down on the sidewalk you might get a boo-boo. So be careful.

Mommy always says, "Be careful," but I'm not sure what it means. I think it means "Don't fall down." I don't think she knows how hard I'm trying.

KFP plays with his trains, which keep falling down.

Thanks are due to leilia, a fellow Otakon staffer who suggested the idea for this piece; to my husband, toanstation, a.k.a. The Gryphon, who drove us home from Otakon so I could finish my last entries, as well as providing on-the-spot concrit; and to my beta reader, roina_arwen, who managed to read all of my entries this weekend, in addition to writing her own home-game entry.

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