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Improv LJ Idol

If you're following my run in Season 8 of LJ Idol (therealljidol), you'll know that we've got another five or six (I'm losing count) entries to write by Tuesday. Since one of the topics is "Groupthink," I'm going to try something a little different. I'd like to write an entry based on YOUR suggestions! Here's how it will work:

* If you want to participate, comment on this entry. If you don't have an LJ username, be sure to leave your real name so that I can e-mail or Facebook message you. All messages are screened, in case you wish to remain anonymous.

* I will respond, via direct message, and ask you to give me a specific aspect of the piece: i.e. characters, setting, an activity, plot complication, et cetera. If you have a specific aspect you'd like to suggest, let me know and I'll tell you if I still need that aspect.

* You respond, via direct message or e-mail (shantipoet at gmail dot com) with your suggestion.

* I will write a piece based on your suggestions. There will also be a "thank you" section which will list all of the suggestions, by username or name (if you'd rather not have your username/name included, let me know).

* You read the final piece and share it with your friends. There is much rejoicing!

So, who's game?
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