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Last Idol Requests?

Unfortunately, despite appealing to friends and getting the voting link out in numerous locations, it looks like I'm probably fated to be cut from LJ Idol tonight after 36 weeks of blood, sweat and tears (in my case, more like toddler drool on my shoulder, instant Starbucks coffee and laughter).

So I'm posting the link one final time to my FL in hopes that somebody who hasn't yet voted will be inspired to do so, or to signal boost it, perhaps:

You need to join the community before voting, which is easy by clicking on the "join community" link at the top of the page.

For much of the day, I'm going to be spending time with my family, as my brother, sister and I have gathered in Central Pennsylvania with my folks for a group vacation. I know I'll probably be killing my cell phone batteries refreshing the poll all day but am trying to adjust my thinking so that, if I don't get the 5-10 votes I need to stay safe, I can at least be prepared.

So here's my other question to you: what would you like to see in my good-bye post, should it come to that?

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me this season!
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