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Article: 'AGT' Recap

My recap is up from last night's results show:

'America's Got Talent' semifinals 1 recap: A triumph for variety

Anyone who's following AGT this season, do you think they'll have 6 finalists? Or do you think they'll continue for a couple weeks, even though "The Voice" is starting the week of September 10?

Also, on a related note, Yahoo! is looking for support for their proposed panel for South by Southwest (SXSW), Saying No to Numbers and Yes to Creativity. If it sounds interesting, just create a free account at and give the panel a thumbs up.

And on a COMPLETELY unrelated note, don't forget to stop by the LJ Idol final voting page, determining this season's winner. Both women are incredible writers and extraordinary people, which is why the vote is so tight. There's only one entry to read from each one, so take a few minutes and weigh in.
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