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WV Accomplishments & Today's Plan

I'm trying to increase the interactivity at Wild Violet.

The first idea was inspired in part by poet Maurice Oliver, a Wild Violet contributor who just began a Tumblr account where he's posting a photo and a poem every day.

So we're going to be posting a weekly creativity prompt on Wild Violet's Facebook page. Check it out and see if it inspires you. Then you're welcome to post a response either in the comments or by sharing a link. Don't forget to "like" us while you're at it.

I also just set up the Wild Violet Twitter page, so please follow us.

Since I really need to start moving on the Wild Violet 10th anniversary book, let me throw something else out there. We're looking for suggestions for material to include, and I'd like to hear what people's favorite pieces are. Please take some time and look through our Archives to suggest material to include. You can make the suggestions by e-mailing Wild Violet:

Now that I've finished all that, my main priorities for today are:

  • Mailing the items bought from me on eBay this week. (N/A: buyer didn't pay for them in time)
  • Placing more listings of too-small baby clothes on eBay.
  • Sending out a Wild Violet Update to our mailing list.
  • Checking out Tweet Deck as a way to manage Twitter accounts.
  • Looking for miscellaneous items online which I would like to buy at a discount: Queen-sized sheets, crib mattress pads, printer ink, and a seatbelt adjuster.
  • Hugging, reading to, and dancing with my little Kung Fu Panda.
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