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Time Management, Or Lack Thereof

I am currently sitting in a coffeeshop, working on my wireless computer (when did it become passe to call a place an Internet cafe?). KFP is asleep in his stroller next to me. I am on borrowed time, working on Wild Violet. How did I get here?

  • Woke up early and attempted to sneak downstairs to get work done.
  • Could smell the diaper pail from the hallway, so I took the trash out first.
  • Was just pouring myself some Gatorade -- breakfast drink of champions! -- when my husband brought me the crying toddler. I thought he was going back to bed, but he was very nice and stayed up to make breakfast.
  • While The Gryphon made breakfast, I used his faster, more powerful computer to play Farmville, telling myself I would alternate between that and work on WV. Right!
  • Breakfast was ready: Dutch babies (like a cross between a pancake and a crepe), organic yogurt, and banana slices, with coffee. Yum.
  • Was settling down to work after starting up an episode of "Caillou" for KFP when...
  • Power failure. The whole neighborhood went down. Bright, sunny, not particularly hot day. We don't know why either.
  • Read several books to KFP while the power was down. We were in the middle of building a Duplo block tower when the power came back up.
  • While using a diaper pin to make KFP's too-big pants fit (he has been converting his baby belly into height), remembered I'd meant to order some pants adjusters from
  • While I was at it, also ordered a juice box holder and then, from another site, a Halloween costume for KFP, and birthday presents for my brother and niece.
  • Since our wedding anniversary is next weekend, looked up what to get for a fifth anniversary gift. Wood??? I'm going to have to think about that one.
  • Checked on the sales rank of the Kindle version of "The Art of Life" and was thrilled to discover it was ranked #1 in free Kindle books in the section Humor > Parenting & Families. Went on my Facebook author page and my Twitter account to brag about it.
  • Had a simple lunch: my son's leftover chicken tenders and corn muffin from last night's dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ, along with some frozen peas.
  • Sat down to get some work done finally, and was hit in the leg repeatedly by a toddler who was overtired and excitable.
  • Offered to take him for a walk in the stroller, the plan being to come here after he fell asleep and get some work done.
  • Sat down to write up a post of how I've been procrastinating so far...

    OK, it's time!
Tags: suckage, time management, wild violet

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