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Picking Yer Brains, Follow-Up

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts yesterday as to what sort of writing you'd like to see me do more. I'm trying to continue good habits of writing productivity, because when I wrote more regularly, it meant I had more selections to offer up for magazines, contests, etc.

Today, I've been thinking about two ideas, based on comments I received yesterday. Both of them are fiction pieces, because for now I'm going to spend more of my nonfiction energies on the "Belated Mommy" project. Both of them are loosely based on my own experiences but incorporate many of the elements that people said they appreciated. When they are ready to share, I may post them as friends-locked entries.

In other news, KFP was singing along to "The Wheels on the Bus" this morning during Storytime at the library. Now, I'm so used to KFP singing along to songs, that I've grown accustomed to it. But the librarian told me it's a very advanced skill at his age of just over 2. I told her that, before he was born, when I listened to music, he sometimes kicked to the beat. She predicted he would be a musician. That would make this music-lover very happy!

KFP also demonstrated he has now gained the ability to empathize. While watching "Kung Fu Panda 2" with him, he grew very agitated over a scene where an adorable baby panda is separated from his parents. The whole next day, he carried his little plush panda around, hugging it and soothing it!
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