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My Baby Panda Wants to Take Care of Me

I had a very cute moment this morning with KFP that underlined his newfound ability to empathize.

KFP was sitting next to me on the couch. He saw the strawberry birthmark on my right arm and said, "Boo-boo! What happened?" I explained to him that it was a birthmark and it doesn't hurt. He seemed relieved.

This particular birthmark looks a little bit like a suck mark, which I'm sure has often flummoxed people upon noticing it for the first time. It also resembles a half moon, which is how I like to think of it.

The most ironic part of all this is that people are always seeing the red "V" birthmark on KFP's forehead and, assuming it's an injury, asking me, "What happened?"
Tags: kung fu panda

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