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Article: 'Ben and Kate' Recap

I've been asked to write recaps for the new FOX sitcom, "Ben and Kate."

Here's my first: 'Ben and Kate' recap: Series premiere funny, heartfelt without sappiness

I'm happy to see that the show was as good as the previews, since I'm going to be watching a lot of it!

In other news, we just received the purple-and-black bat costume that KFP selected for Halloween. Unfortunately, I think it's too hot for him, since it's like a big, plush jumpsuit. He also complained it was too big before bursting into tears and saying "I don't want to" about wearing it. Even showing him how he looked in the mirror didn't convince him. So I guess we're back to square one. Anyone have any suggestions for a Halloween costume we can cobble together from things that feel more like real clothes? First thing to jump to my mind is a cowboy.
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