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Academy of Natural Sciences

Wow! Dinosaurs big!Meeting T. RexDwarfed by a T. RexUnderwater BeastDinosaur Close UpYellow and Black Butterfly
Black and Yellow ButterflyMothDelicate ButterflyYellow Striped ButterflyOh, Hi!Orange and Black Butterfly
Moth with Fake EyesMe and KFP with Giant Butterfly200th Birthday Cake

Academy of Natural Sciences, a set on Flickr.

We had a terrific time at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia two weekends ago. Here are the photographic highlights. Click on the thumbnails to see the full picture and read a caption.Via Flickr:Photos from our visit to the Academy of Natural Sciences on October 7, 2012.

Tags: gryphon, kung fu panda, museums, photos

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