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Dare I Eat a NaNoWriMo Peach?

So, in about a week, the annual writing marathon known as NaNoWriMo begins again. Last year, I managed to get about 25,000 words done, on top of KFP duties and my usual work schedule. I'm contemplating trying it again, working on a new project.

I've been thinking for a while about writing something that my son would enjoy. Something along the veins of Winnie the Pooh: silly stories that would amuse adults as much as children. At night, lately, I've been telling him rambling bedtime stories to put him to sleep, and tonight he thrilled me by repeating part of one of them, adding his own flourishes, after I'd finished.

So my still-developing idea is this: use KFP's interests to springboard a series of short stories. Now the question is, what direction should I take it?

Should I tell a series of stories about the same characters or have different stories about different characters? Children love repetition, and KFP is currently into book series like "Olivia" by Ian Falconer. He also adores Winnie the Pooh (though sometimes he won't sit still for a long story).

What sorts of classic children's characters, motifs, plots, etc. could I/should I explore?

If you have young children in your life (under 7), what sort of stories do you think they'd like to see?

I could actually see writing about the equivalent of one short story every day or so and coming in near the 50,000 NaNoWriMo goal.
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