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Quick! He's Sleeping!

Yay! After being rather demanding all day, KFP is finally asleep, so I managed to record and post my first YouTube author interview. It's now my featured video at my author's page for America's Next Author (in the left sidebar): Alyce Wilson's author page

I also completed the last of the Halloween-week updates for Wild Violet, scheduling them to go live on Sunday night (which is our Date Night). Go, me!

In other news, my Super Mom costume is -- trumpet fanfare -- done!!! I glued a red letter "M" into a sparkly white felt heart background, sewing the heart onto my top. I then constructed a utility belt containing the following: a Phillip's head screwdriver, a pen, hand sanitizer, a paper punch, a toy plastic keychain, and a spatula. When finished, I modeled the belt for KFP. He declared it: Grrr-rific! (For those who don't know, there is a new show called "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" which is based on characters from "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." The main character likes to call things "Grrr-rific.")

Even better: the emergency worker's patch to complete The Gryphon's fireman costume just arrived. I still haven't received the "junior firefighter" shirt for KFP, but I did purchase a small fire engine patch in the craft store, which could be sewn onto a plain blue or white shirt in a pinch.

The party is tomorrow. I will share pictures!
Tags: gryphon, halloween, holidays, kung fu panda, promotion, writing

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