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Nor'easter Productivity

The weather outside is icky, so I'm trying to get some things done.

So far today, I registered "," for my book project. I also perused some possible WordPress themes to use for it. The goal is to get at least a basic site up by Friday, which is Philcon.

Now, I'm going to work on the Wild Violet pieces for Sunday. If I edit the pieces, do the graphics, and schedule the posts today, they'll go up automatically, even though I'll be busy that day.

I've also been doing a little promotion for my author's page at America's Next Author: That includes tweaking my banner at top of the page to give better instructions to visitors on how to help me. If you already voted, you can actually stop by and vote again, since the totals were zeroed out for the beginning of Round 5.
Tags: belated mommy, promotion, writing
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