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KFP and Philcon Prep

The last couple days, it's been rough, as I was frantically trying to get ready for Philcon. Namely, I was doing this week's Wild Violet posts in advance and scheduling them to be published at noon Sunday; and putting up my new book project site,

It didn't help that KFP was being really needy and cranky, possibly because he had a stuffy nose. But today, he's been really sweet, even "making" me breakfast of a plastic egg and a plastic orange, delivered in a pitcher to serve as orange juice. I am blessed.

I plan to finish all the computer-type things within the next hour, after which he can help me put away laundry and pack. He actually likes such chores, toddling up to me and saying, "I can help?" I give him something to do, like sort the socks, and he's thrilled.

Again, those who are going to Philcon, please shoot me a message!
Tags: belated mommy, philcon, wild violet, writing

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