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Christmas 2012

Me and KFP at the YMCA LuncheonHi, Santa!KFP with SantaSticker Book FunSunset Over the SusquehannaConcentration Face
Block RobotPlaying PokerI Want YouChristmas Eve DinsMunching on New FoodsHow Does This Work?
KFP Decorates the TreeLittle HelpersMy Niece & Sister Decorate the TreeNiece Hangs an OrnamentKFP and Me Decorate the TreeGetting an Ornament
Putting on the Finishing TouchesDad Adds an OrnamentPutting the Angel On TopLooking for SantaIn Her Christmas BestReading a Book

Christmas 2012, a set on Flickr.

There are a ton more pics in the album, if you click on the album link above. You can click on any of these thumbnails to see the full-sized picture.
Tags: christmas, dad, family, gryphon, holidays, kung fu panda, littlest niece, mom, photos, sister, sister's husband

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