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LJI Exhibit A Vote

There are still a few hours to vote for LJ Idol. I probably need a miracle to make it through this week: there are 10 going! But if you haven't yet voted, please check it out:

More importantly, please check out our Indiegogo campaign to raise travel expenses for KFP to be a ringbearer in the wedding of a couple we regard as family:

Get the Ringbearer to Illinois

There are some great new perks, including a fantastic LJ Idol package that includes a personalized short story from java_fiend as well as four books featuring work by LJI contestants. You can also get a personalized poem from me, or editing services from me; and there are lots of great books and some dragon artwork, too!

If you can't contribute right now, I'd appreciate you boosting the signal, both on LJ and elsewhere.
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