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Dr. Who Speculation?

I'm a new convert to Dr. Who, having just started watching it this year. You see, it scared me when I was a child, enough to not try to watch it again. Last night's episode was one of the scariest yet! Good thing we waited until KFP went to bed.

OK, so now that only those who have chosen to be here are reading, what's the deal with the last moments, where John Hurt was introduced as "The Doctor"? Since our beloved Matt Smith as the Doctor appears to be still alive, does this mean there will be two doctors for a while? And considering that fans are under the impression that they're aware of all the Doctor's incarnations, where does John Hurt fit into the time line? He's got to be in the Doctor's past, otherwise he wouldn't be able to say definitively that this guy had "broken his promise" (whatever that means).

Theories, anyone?

Also, was the Doctor's name actually revealed in this episode? It seems as if we didn't hear it because River said it, or did I just miss it?
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