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Dr. Who Speculation?

I'm a new convert to Dr. Who, having just started watching it this year. You see, it scared me when I was a child, enough to not try to watch it again. Last night's episode was one of the scariest yet! Good thing we waited until KFP went to bed.

OK, so now that only those who have chosen to be here are reading, what's the deal with the last moments, where John Hurt was introduced as "The Doctor"? Since our beloved Matt Smith as the Doctor appears to be still alive, does this mean there will be two doctors for a while? And considering that fans are under the impression that they're aware of all the Doctor's incarnations, where does John Hurt fit into the time line? He's got to be in the Doctor's past, otherwise he wouldn't be able to say definitively that this guy had "broken his promise" (whatever that means).

Theories, anyone?

Also, was the Doctor's name actually revealed in this episode? It seems as if we didn't hear it because River said it, or did I just miss it?


May. 20th, 2013 05:11 pm (UTC)
What they did to Donna makes me alternately mope and rage. It's not a pretty thing. And while I LOVED the sweet speech about all being stories in the end (you don't even KNOW how much I loved it - well, maybe you do. Because yeah. Wow) it just... it didn't make it for me. There have been so many great little moments, little speeches and things, and I want them all to add up and work, but the little moments are overwhelmed by the "buhwha? with the WHAT now?" reactions and the eye rolling everytime someone is saved by the power of wuv (ok, theme, you're done now) and yeah.

I kind of have a weird relationship with this show. It is filled with love and forgiveness and harsh, harsh criticism and high expectations and demands and squeeing and metacommentary on the universes described therein.

I think the new format works for some things, but really doesn't work for others - like exploring a story more in-depth and really introducing characters who *aren't* the doctor or the companion(s). And the trade-offs seem weird - I think part of it is just making the show "modern" and playing to different sensibilities and timing and stuff, but it jars with me slightly. And other times I'm bouncing up and down and clapping and crying out "yeah!" at the screen, so... yeah. I don't know. I want the perfect balance between solid awesome sci-fi stories that explore relevant and interesting ideas and concepts beyond the borders of our world (first and foremost) and beyond the borders of our present time (secondarily), and a show that has both action and heart and deeply evolved and complex people doing interesting and sometimes unexpected or wrong things.

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