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Article: My Personal Obesity Story

I should have known that accepting a Yahoo! News assignment about my personal struggles with obesity was opening myself up to hateful comments (which I've experienced on Yahoo! whenever one of my articles was featured on a main Yahoo! page, regardless of the subject matter), but this time it was particularly virulent.

I should have also realized that using the same sort of self-deprecating humor that has worked for me so well on LJ Idol would completely fly over the heads of many of the Yahoo! readers. But... wow. Stupid much? It's beneath me to reply to any of those benighted comments, and honestly, I'm going to stop reading them now (though I will have my writerly revenge eventually, as it's inspired me to write a piece about the misunderstandings about weight gain and obesity).

Anyway, here's the link, because I'd love to have some friendly voices in the mix. You're welcome to leave them on the Yahoo! page, but if you want me to see them, you'll also have to leave them on LJ, because like I said, I won't be reading any more:

My one consolation is that this many comments typically means a lot of hits, and it's all going to add up to more money for my family. Like Bono says, "Never let the *ssh*les get you down."
Tags: health & fitness, yahoo contributor network, yahoo news
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