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LJ Idol Exhibit B: Week 11 - Stand Alone Complex

This is my first entry this week in the mini-season of therealljidol, Exhibit B. Please read the many fine entries. This week we're each writing on two topics; this topic was "Asia in F Minor."

Female ninja against farm and city backgrounds

Stand Alone Complex

In her future diary, she is choir girl
turned day drinker, acquiring
angel hearts to eat, grilled.
Her fine fish hooks bloom beneath
her petal dance, capturing
those crisis heart brawlers,
those bad boys, those soul eaters.
She'll be an action figure, a corpse princess.
They will fear her fury.

Back at the barnyard, he was Sgt. Frog
to her Black Cat. Or was he sun god,
and she a desert punk? Dynasty warriors,
wolf children, they played death billiards.
Feral fierce in their fine and private place.
He plied her with sword art, called her
into the mermaid's forest. With bamboo blade
he excised her childhood. And so, apartment
became folk tale. A kiddy grad,
she fled the fields. Became a city hunter,
seeking a blue exorcist where devils may cry.
Deep down, she's only a ghost in the shell.

After doing a little research on the key of F Minor, I discovered that it's a key associated with both passion and ambiguity, built on the chords of F, G, A♭, B♭, C, D♭, E♭.

Since I will be helping to run Otakon, the convention of Japanese anime and Asian culture, I took my inspiration from the Otakon guest list. I read through the bios of our guests and made a note of any of the phrases or show titles that appealed to me. Then I highlighted only the ones with significant words starting with F, G, A, B, C, D, and E. I created the poem from alternating between those sounds.

The story emerged from my desire to write about a young woman who was at war with herself, because she blamed herself for having opened herself up to someone who hurt her. Unfortunately, I think too many women (and men) can probably relate.

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