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LJ Idol Exhibit B: Week 11 - Curious George Goes to a Magic Show

This is my entry this week in the mini-season of therealljidol, Exhibit B. Please read the many fine entries. This week we had to write on two topics. This was on the topic "Bedazzled."

Cover of Curious George Goes to a Magic Show
The cover of "Curious George Goes to a Magic Show,"
featuring George coming out of a top hat.

This is George.

He was a good monkey and always very curious.

Today George and his friend the man with the yellow hat went to a magic show. The magician was performing for children at a local theater.

George had never been to a magic show before. He had never seen a magician. He had never seen such a colorful vest or such big hair either.

The man with the yellow hat saw his friend the female scientist. He had been spending a lot of time with her lately. This gave George more time to explore. George pointed to the front of the room and the man with the yellow hat said, "You can sit up front, George. Just don't get into any trouble. I want to talk to my pretty friend." The scientist smiled. George ran off.

George watches a magician with large cards.
George watches the magician do a trick with large cards.

The magician was doing a trick with giant cards. George had never seen cards that big before! He wanted to see them up close.

George got very close to the cards. The magician was talking about what pictures were on them. But George could see that one of the cards had a picture on the back, too. He pointed at the card and made an excited noise to let the magician know.

The magician put her finger to her lips. "Quiet or you'll spoil the magic trick."

The magician put the cards behind her back without showing the special card to the children. George wanted them to see it, so he stepped behind her and pulled it out of the magician's hands. He showed both sides to the children. They cheered and clapped.

"No monkeys on the stage!" the magician shouted. "Sit down, please."

Adults were always yelling at George to sit down. But George knew that children always loved it when he did not listen.

George looked at the back of the room for his friend the man with the yellow hat. He was leaving with his arm around the scientist.

George was curious. He wanted to learn more about how magic works.

George pops out of a top hat.
George pops out of a magic hat.

George leaped up the steps at the side of the stage and stepped behind the curtain. He saw a funny looking black hat sitting on top of a little table. The hat made him think of his friend. George wondered if it was the magician's hat.

He climbed up on the table to look closer. The hat was very big and was shiny inside. He leaned over to take a look and fell in! The table started to roll.

George did not know what was happening. He crouched down as small as he could. Soon he saw the magician's tall, blonde hairdo. He saw her face, too. She looked surprised.

When the magician leaned closer, George jumped up with his arms high in the air. The children in the audience clapped and clapped.

The magician sighed. She said, "If you want to be my helper, you can stay on the stage. Just do what I tell you." George nodded. He was very good at doing what he was told.

George sits on the table.
George sits on the magician's table for an up-close look at magic.

George sat on the magician's table while she pulled some colorful flowers from a vase. He watched as she pushed a purple scarf into a tube. George saw she had a red scarf in her pocket, so he pulled it out for her. He kept pulling and pulling and pulling. It was a very long scarf.

The magician was not happy. She told George not to pull on anything else.

George wanted to know what was in the trunk. He opened it. A white bird flew out and flapped around the room. The children cheered. George took a bow.

"You can help me with one last trick," the magician said. She told him to sit still and waved a magic wand. She said some magic words and pulled something from behind George's ear.

It was a big blue ball!

She told him he could keep it for being a good helper. "Now it's time for monkeys to play outside," she told him. "Take your ball with you."

George loved play time.

George admires his new blue ball.
George admires his new blue ball while the magician does a trick with a little blonde girl helper.

George admired his new ball. He tossed it into the air and caught it again.

"Play outside!" the magician called to him. She was doing a trick with a new helper, a little girl.

George wanted to throw the ball to someone. All the children were watching the magician. They did not notice him.

He walked to the back of the room but the man with the yellow hat was not there. Usually, when he was done exploring, the man with the yellow hat showed up to take him home. George heard someone giggling in the hallway. It sounded like the scientist.

George was about to peek around the corner to see who was giggling when the man with the yellow hat returned. He had a red lip print on his cheek and his hat was tilted.

"Is the magic show over already?" the man with the yellow hat asked.

George nodded. He showed his friend the blue ball the magician gave him.

"Wow, you won a prize!" his friend said. "Let's go home and play catch."

As they left, the scientist waved at them. George was curious. He wanted to know if she could catch. He threw the ball at her head.

To George's surprise, she caught the ball with a tsk-tsk sound and smiled at him.

George and the man with the yellow hat.
George and the man with the yellow hat smile at each other
as the magician displays a colorful scarf.

Many thanks to my beta reader, roina_arwen, for helping me with the ending.

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Tags: childhood, exhibit b, fiction, lj idol, lji

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