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Otakon 2013 Photos

Press MascotPress OpsFuture Computer GeekWatching a MovieMorning StaffReady to Go
Presidential VisitCute CosplayerMr. B or SomethingDown TimeBattle Bridge OfficerFirst Glimpse of the Con
After the RainPhoto IterationsLast Moments Before MAT3KTech for MAT3KSound CheckPreparing for Movie Pain
Mic CheckBot CheckMad ScientistIn the Name of ScienceBack from the BoxNew Experiment Subject

Otakon 2013, a set on Flickr.

I didn't have as many photos this year, mostly because I stayed in Press Ops most of the time. But there are some great staff shots here, and if you go to the main album and read the captions, you'll find out more about my experience this year. This is only about a third of the photos I've posted, which are all available in the Flickr album.

Via Flickr:Photos from the 20th annual Otakon, held August 9 to August 11, 2013.

Tags: kung fu panda, otakon, photos

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