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The New Me, Small Steps at a Time

For about two months, I've made huge strides in the cleaning and organization of my house by following the guidelines at Fly Lady. The site provides small household tasks to do each day, which are fairly easy to achieve.

So I've been thinking: Why don't I follow the same practices when it comes to other things that matter to me? Here are some of the things I'm going to try to do at least once a week:

  • Check my LJ F-List and comment on the entries that interest me (if you don't comment, people don't know you're reading!)

  • Post something to LJ that's not a LJ Idol post or article link (such as this current post).

  • Schedule some tweets, including retweets for all the loyal friends who have been retweeting my tweets.

  • Post something to my Belated Mommy blog.

  • Post something to my writer's blog at

  • Post something to my Goodreads author's blog.

  • Review submissions for Wild Violet.

  • Apply to at least one writing job and/or send at least one query or submission.

That about covers it as far as the new things. Those, I think, should be fairly easy to work into my existing schedule, which involves at least two articles a week for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, my evening transcription work, household tasks (organizing, cleaning, laundry, food shopping, cooking), exercise and, of course, caring for my sweet little KFP!

I think the key to all of this is going to be threefold: 1) Tackle only one of these new tasks at a time. 2) If a task doesn't have a discrete end (i.e. completing an article or submission), set a timer. 3) Keep daily goals small and achievable.

What about you? What are you trying to achieve that might benefit from making small efforts every day? (Hint, everything!)
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