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LJ Idol Exhibit B: Week 13 Voting Recs

Now that I'm no longer in the competition, I feel comfortable sharing my recommended reading/voting list for the Top 10. They are all, of course, awesome in their own way, but my personal favorites were:'

favoritebean, who used the same topic as I did for my home-game entry, "Glitter Afternoon Post" and turned it into a compelling fantasy story with strong historical underpinnings.

halfshellvenus, who sends two young women into a cemetery with a Ouija board... and an ending that might surprise you.

kathrynrose, who gives us a glimpse of one aspect of the afterlife, through an angel in training.

lrig_rorrim, who takes an unexpected turn on a fairy tale.

porn_this_way, whose candid, witty recounting of a poisonous Internet friendship is perhaps the best rant I've ever read.

the_lettersea, whose tale about the cyclical workings of destiny reads like a Greek myth.

Please take a moment to read and vote! Two are eliminated this week.
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