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Sims Advice?

Now that I've decided that Farmville aggravates me far too much to spend all that time playing it, I'd like to start playing something new. The Facebook version of The Sims is predictably horrible (No, I DON'T want to nag my friends for parts countless times just to complete a freaking couch, thank you.) I would, however, like to play a non-Facebook version of the Sims or something like it.

I was a big fan of Sims 2 before my previous computer became a paperweight, and I'd love to play it again, or something similar. I'd consider playing an online version of the game, provided that it was either free or very low-cost, and provided that the interactions went beyond just begging your friends for parts and/or goodies.

My husband is a big gamer, and I explained what I'm looking for this way: I want a game I can play the way my friends and I used to play Barbies. I want to dress my characters, create a living environment for them, and then play out stories. No fighting, no ridiculously long, complicated quests that require a lot of attention and/or skill-building. Essentially, I want to play virtual Barbies.

Currently, my primary computer is a Dell Inspiron, which I bought just because it's lightweight and cheap and therefore is not great for graphics, etc. My husband has given me permission to download and play a game on his computer, with the understanding I can only play it when he's not around (because he's on it otherwise).

So.... any suggestions for what I might look into playing?
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