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Let's Play the Costume Game!

My husband, The Gryphon, and I will be attending a Halloween party this coming Saturday. This year, we both took a long time coming up with costume ideas and only solidified them this weekend. I ordered most of our costume items online and am crossing my fingers they arrive on time.

So let's play a little game. As the various costume items arrive, I'll post them here. The first person to guess each costume correctly will receive a complimentary copy of my upcoming collection, "Now with Kung Fu Action Grip," compiling writings and poetry about my son, nicknamed Kung Fu Panda. In the case that the winner is somebody who has already pre-ordered a copy or contributed to my Indiegogo campaign back in April (Get the Ringbearer to Illinois), I'll give you a choice of a print version of either my poetry book, "Picturebook of the Martyrs" or my essays book, "The Art of Life."

The first item arrived today, for The Gryphon. It is... a yellow necktie!

Any guesses?

ETA: That was quick! Both kajel and tanyareed got the correct answer within minutes of each other, so I'm declaring them both winners.

The Gryphon is going as... The Man with the Yellow Hat from the Curious George series.

Feel free to guess what my costume is, but no hints yet because nothing has arrived.

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