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The Costume Game: Round Two

Well, both UPS and the United States Postal Service brought some goodies today. We received:

* A yellow top hat (to which I intend to add a black band)
* A yellow button-down shirt

With the above items, we've received the complete costume for The Gryphon's Man with the Yellow Hat from the Curious George series. Yes, they're three different shades of yellow. Yes, he'll be wearing them with jeans (because we decided not to spend the expense on yellow pants that can never be worn again). But we expect he'll be instantly recognizable and a hit with adults and children alike.

I've received the following items for my costume:

* A red jumper (which I intend to hem to make it knee-length)
* A red-and-white striped long-sleeved shirt

I'm hoping that a couple more costume items will arrive before the party Saturday.

So what's my costume? The first person to guess correctly will get a free copy of my upcoming book, "Now with Kung Fu Action Grip," a collection of writings and poetry about my son, Kung Fu Panda. If you're already on the list to receive one, I'll send you a copy of one of my other books: my poetry book, "Picturebook of the Martyrs," or my essays book, "The Art of Life."

ETA: Astoundingly, msstacy13 got it correct, even though I hadn't yet received my pig nose. I'm going as Olivia the pig from the terrific children's books by Ian Falconer. Congratulations!
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