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Preschool Fundraiser

Kung Fu Panda is in preschool now, and along with that comes... school fundraisers!

Fortunately, the current fundraiser is pretty cool. You might even like it. Read on if you're interested. We'd be grateful for any help.

We're selling coupon books by KidStuff, which makes 20 different varieties according to location. You can view the complete list on their web site, along with full details about what appears in each book:

While the coupon books are geared towards families with children, there are plenty of coupons inside that could be used by anyone. As an example, the edition for the Philadelphia area (Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia counties) includes coupons for: 29 restaurants, including Cold Stone Creamery, Lee's Hoagie House, and Subway; 91 major retailers including Men's Warehouse, Superfresh, Payless, and Macy's; and about 100 activities, including Adventure Aquarium, the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel, Hersheypark, and Philadelphia Union Soccer.

While the coupon books are geared towards specific geographic locations, the coupons for national retailers are not region-specific. This means that you might still find a coupon book useful if you order one from a neighboring region that has similar stores. If you don't find your region, feel free to browse neighboring regions and states and see if you'd find it worthwhile.

The cost for the coupon books is $25, and from what I can see, you could stand to save far more than that if you use even a fraction of the coupons in this book. I need to turn in the money with the editions ordered by Thursday, December 19. You can send me the money via PayPal to this address: Please tell me which edition you'd like me to order.

KFP's preschool will receive 50% of the cost of each book, which will go towards ground keeping and facilities needs, such as improvements to the playground. He loves his school, and we are happy to support this positive, loving environment.

Turkey Hat
KFP wears a turkey hat at the Thanksgiving program at his preschool

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